SlideCamp works as a business solution for teams looking to streamline their presentation process. 

It has no complicated business software or downloads to install, but is instead a secure web based platform in which businesses can access hundreds of powerpoint templates, 24/7.

Practically, SlideCamp offers a library of professional powerpoint slides which can be grouped together, downloaded and edited. Corporate branding can also be added, and strict blue blueprints can also be worked with to create the most effective PowerPoint resource possible. SlideCamp also offers uploading and sharing of slides on a secure server, as well as the seamless integration of data from other popular sources.

SlideCamp can be initially tested out by some members of your team, to see it it is a right fit, simply by using our basic account (up to three users) and seeing if the presentations match your needs. However, if you know that company branded slides is the route your company would go down, you can contact us anytime to schedule a demo with us, and we can discuss what problems your company is facing.

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