Finding a slide you saw months ago for a presentation tomorrow can be depressing. 

You know it's there somewhere, but where? 

Missing the correct data, you're likely to spend valuable time trying to track it down, before giving up, and managing without. 

But wouldn't it be great if we could find presentation slides right away, just by searching for the content?

With SlideCamp your search includes everything written within a powerpoint, not just the title or tags.

How to Search the Content of a PowerPoint Presentation

If you're about to attempt to re-create a slide which you suspect may have been made before, you can easily search for the titles of charts, graphics, or maps in the search bar.

Step 1: Enter your search term in the search bar

Step 2: View the potential sides 

Step 3: Add the slide to your shelf

Step 4: Download into PowerPoint 

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