A Slide Library can save on wasted time and money when it comes to presentations.
It's a team's own resource to store presentations, upload new policies and keep data up to date.

Some businesses want a branded slide library. One place where all their employees can go to get presentation slides with the most recent logo designs, the most up to date data, and all the research information they might need.

To get a branded presentation library with your company colors, logos and fonts get in touch with us, along with the information below to get a quote and a timeline.

On average, it takes us around 3-5 working days to create a slide library based on our own designs, or 10-15 days if you want a custom made slide library.

The Details we Need to Create a Branded presentation Library 

  1. Company name
  2. Company logo (High Quality)
  3. Company fonts and colors
  4. How many people would be using the Library and upload point,

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